Ashley Johnson - Team Leader

Ashley Johnson has a creative soul with a fast growing interest in many areas of media production as well as business, marketing and branding. As a recent graduate of Webster University, she she now holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Communications and Interactive Digital Media certificate. Outside of school and work she spends her time learning the ins and outs of photography and graphic design, working closely with other local, young, future moguls as she has begun to chase her own entrepreneurial dreams. The skills Ashley has acquired studying these fields make a dynamic combination that has prepared her to be a well organized, detail-oriented, communications professional.

“I’m hoping to find myself in a career where I can utilize all my strengths in these different disciplines. My scattered interests might manifest as a “jack-of-all-trades and a master of none” but I believe my love for learning puts me in a position to be well-rounded in all areas of media. My ideal job would be to work for a small, yet influential company where I would be able to write, as well as design and snap a picture or two. Even more ideally, that small, yet influential company will be my own one day,”

- Ashlee Nicole Artistry!