What You Need to Know About Uber

Uber is the newest means for public transportation. No more waiting for off schedule buses, no more sitting on hold, waiting for a taxi service to assist you. With the Uber app you can have a ride to any destination in minutes. Read more here!

Written By Jenai AllenTubias Johnson, and Christopher Thorp

3 Travel Tips Needed to Save You Money

By Dominique Shields & Najee Person

Traveling from one state to another can be expensive (especially for the holidays) but there are always other options when pushing for spending less money when traveling. Check out the tips we have mentioned to help you travel affordably! We actually mention apps and rewards to cut traveling costs just for you! Read more here!

3 Wallet Friendly Travel Methods

By Dominique Shields

So the holidays are right around the corner. Who's house are you going to this year? How will you get out of town to visit the family? There are several affordable ways to travel on a budget. Don't let distance keep you from seeing your loved ones for the holidays. Check out our 3 wallet friendly travel methods here!

The New Way to Stay      

By Najee Person

Are you looking for alternative places to stay because you don’t want to sleep on the couch or that hotel on the side of the highway? There are some new and pretty cool alternatives to vacationing nowadays! Imagine renting an entire apartment, loft or home for your vacation! It's possible! Grab your travel buddies and check out the new way to stay here