by: Tasha L. Jordan

Meet Yara Sayeh Shahidi. 

You’ve probably seen her as the oldest sister on Black-ish Zoey.  Yara was born right here in the Midwest in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Not only is she an amazing actress but, Yara uses her platform to spread knowledge to others—especially young people!  She just goes to show you that you can be a #boss at any age!

Yara started her career when she was 8 and starred alongside Eddie Murphy in Imagine That for which she received a Young Artist Award nomination. In 2014, Shahidi began her career on Black-ish.  In 2018, Yara will begin her role of Zoey on FreeForm’s “College-ish” as we follow Zoey to college.


Some fun facts about Yara: 

1.      She has a fashion icon.  According to xoNecole, Yara’s fashion icon is Kerry Washington.  Shahidi played young Washington on Scandal. 

2.      Yara has a famous cousin.  Nas is Shahidi’s cousin on her mother’s side.  She was the flower girl at his wedding. 

3.      She is an advocate for diversity.  In 2016, Shahidi signed to be a model with New York’s Women Management modeling agency with the hope to promote seeing more women of color in diverse roles.

4.      She thinks her name translation is "pretty cool". Her full name is Yara Sayeh Shahidi.  She says: “My full name is Yara Sayeh Shahidi. I am half Iranian, and it’s an Iranian name. Yar—the root of it is Arabic and Farsi, and it means friend; Yara means someone close to your heart. Sayeh is shadow, and Shahidi means witness. So my name is Someone Close to your Heart Shadow Witness"

5.      Shahidi is serious about being represented right.  Yara has turned down various roles that didn’t “portray black people very well, teenagers very well, me very well.”

6.      She's not JUST an actress.  Not too long ago, Yara cooridinated with DoSomething.org and 3M (formerly known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company) to become the face of “Science Slueth”. 

7.     Shahidi values education.  Yara will be attending Harvard alongside Malia Obama in 2018.  Former First Lady Michelle Obama wrote one of her recommendation letters.  


Yara is an inspiration to young people everywhere to always be true to herself and to always speak out. 

New Year New Business? Legal Advice to Seek When Starting a Business

By Dominique Shields

Hello future entrepreneurs! Did you plan on starting the year off with a business venture? Are you sitting on a good business idea and don’t know which steps to take first? Well a good place to start is with the legal stuff. And to help you out, I have a few questions you need to ask yourself, and find the answer, so you can get a jump-start on building your business.


How do I protect my intellectual property?

When I say intellectual property, I mean anything from your ideas and names to the logos. If someone comes along and tries to copy you, what could you do other than be upset and say you had it first? Ways to protect your intellectual property is copyrights and trademarks. For more information on protecting your intellectual property, visit here.


Trademarks; how do I file for them?

The first thing you should do before you start filing for trademarks is check to make sure no one else did it already. Check out this website that lets you search all trademarks. Trademarks are a vital part of business because not only are you getting the name, but also things like social media handles and web domains. The online application process takes about 90 minutes and it will cost you between $275 and $325. That might seem like a steep price, but as I said, trademarks are a vital part of business and someone else could profit off your name. If think you may need to keep your day job to save more and be more ready, check out this article for some help.


What should my business structure look like?

Your business structure will show the type of business you are and how it will be classified. There are 5 different types of ways to structure your business, so it’s best that you carefully choose the best fit for your business. The structures are corporation (for large companies who already have some type of establishment in their market), cooperative (people from social, economic, or professional commonalities come together to create a service that meets all their needs), partnership (many different types, like general, limited, and jointed; some benefits is shared responsibility and they’re easy and cheap), s corporation ( similar to the type I mentioned earlier, the main difference is avoiding being taxed twice - for the corp and the shareholders), and lastly sole proprietorship (simply going into business alone and being solely responsible for all assets and liabilities).


Any employment regulations I need to follow?

Okay, your employees. You have to make sure everything is in order for your employees because they too are an important part of your business because without them who would do the work? So there are 7 steps to hiring your first set of employees. They are as follows: obtain an employee identification number, set up your record for tax withholding, get verified for employee eligibility, register with the new hire reporting program, get workers compensation insurance, inform employees of their rights, and file your taxes. For more information about these regulations, click here.

Now you’re well equipped with the right questions and on your way to becoming a business owner. Do more research, make sure I didn’t leave anything out, and good luck with your business ventures!


Money Habits: 3 Habits You’re Glad You Have

By Dominique Shields

Despite all the bad money habits we tend to have, I’m sure there are some good habits there that we just don’t pay enough attention to. Or you might have habits that you don’t think are good, but they can surprisingly be one of the good ones. Either way, here are some money habits you should thank yourself for.

You aren’t materialistic

This might sound cliche, but when you spend your money, you spend wisely. The money you spend isn’t wasted on those overpriced shoes and clothes, you’d rather pay to go to concerts and trips to see the world. It’s spending your money on experiences as opposed to materials. You’re actually experiencing the world. Shout out to you!

You invest in your future

When you were a freshman, did you look up scholarships for college? Is college even an option for you? Well that’s you investing in your future. Anything you do today to have a better life later is already awesome, but the younger you start the better your outcome will be. What about retirement? If you thought about starting  your retirement funds now, that is another way you’re investing in your future, and there are accounts with banks and credit unions that help you with retirement funds as well. Click for more info.

You want to talk about money

Have you asked your parents about getting a bank account? Have you talked to them about loans? It doesn’t have to be your parents either. Talking about money means you’re comfortable with it and you want to learn about how to manage it. That is a huge step, considering there are resources that people don’t know about. Sometimes it’s impossible to know unless you ask about it.

Having these habits is improving your life and you didn’t even know it. It’s the simplest things in life that bring the most joy. And if you happened to not have one of these habits, it’s never too late to start. You can go ask your mom about a savings account right now, or rethink your decision about that $200 jacket you were thinking about getting.


Disney Dreamers Academy: The First Step Towards Your Future

By Dominique Shields

Do you spend most of your time in class and at work daydreaming about your future? Have big plans for what you want your life to look like? Are you motivated and passionate about following your dreams? Well Steve Harvey and Essence Magazine has partnered to create a mentoring program perfectly tailored for young people like you - Disney Dreamers Academy!

This academy is a 4 day opportunity for 100 high school students, age 13 to 19, to be inspired, motivated, and prepared to dream big. They are looking for potential Dreamers who reflect strong character, positive attitude and persistence to take advantage of opportunities. Applicants who qualify, and a parent/guardian, get to go on an ALL EXPENSE PAID trip to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Once there, you get to participate in captivating workshops that relate to career paths from journalism to zoology. The application deadline is October 31, 2016 so don’t miss this opportunity to change your life!

For more information about the program, visit their website.


Day 1: Kawan's TRUTH Youth Summit Journal

Kawan is an intern here at On the Money magazine and was one of six former OTM interns who were flown out to Orlando, FL as anti-tobacco activist! For the next few weeks he will take us on his experience and journey! 

By Kawan Yarbrough

July 12, 2016

The day started off with me waking up around 1:30am. I told myself that I would go to sleep earlier than I usually do in the summer, which is around 1am. Last night I was asleep by 10, and made sure I had everything I needed to go. I was at the airport a little after 6 which is where I met up with my friends Ronald and Karmin. We got our tickets, went through security, then waited at our gate for our other friend. I left my stuff with Ronald and Karmin, while I went to Starbucks. I got a venti strawberry açai refresher with coconut milk, which was absolutely one of the best beverages I’ve ever had. But moving on, once Ariel got to the airport, we all boarded the flight and we took off.

Two hours later, we landed in Orlando. We got to our hotel around noon, got settled then relaxed.

At 6, we were on our way to the opening ceremony and were introduced to our team leaders. They broke the rules down to us, and then we were dismissed to do an icebreaker. The icebreaker was: Pair up with someone you didn’t know, tell them 3 facts then they had to recite one, and you had to come up with a secret handshake. The person I paired up with was named Ashten. He's an upcoming sophomore that lives in Panama City, FL. His 3 facts were: He loves photography, he’s from Panama City, and that he loves book bags. My facts were: My favorite color is red, I love food, and I was born in December. The activities ended by 7, then my favorite part of the day commenced, dinner! There was macaroni & cheese, chicken, greens, cornbread (so divine), mashed potatoes, and this cake that had banana frosting. Dinner was over and our final sessions were Tobacco 101 and Show Me How Great I Am.

Tobacco 101, was about all things relating to tobacco. I learned that:

  • Nearly 480,000 people die each year from tobacco.

  • Third-hand smoking is when particles from smoking tobacco are left behind for people to intake.

  • Flavored cigarettes were banned in 2009.

Show Me How Great I am, was basically how Vincent Irving’s mentor Sam Allen spoke about how he got started with TRUTH almost 20 years ago. Afterwards, he spoke on six things he would tell his younger self. His advice was quite helpful to us as teenagers today.

Not much has happened on this first day. I don’t know exactly what will happen tomorrow, but that’s the exciting part about these types of trips.

Source: http://www.onthemoneystl.org/boss/day-1-yo...

Monday Motivation: Black Panther Movie

By Tubias J.

Superheroes play a big role in the lives of many, young and old; myself included. All of my life I have been a Batman fan. He had a cool car, his suite was everything to me, he was rich, but humble, unlike Iron Man. Plus, there was a series of movies where Morgan Freeman made of Batman's equipment! You can’t beat that! But it wasn’t until two years ago when I discovered T’Challa better known as Black Panther, that I realized I had been bamboozled. Black Panther is described by Marvel as:

"A brilliant tactician, strategist, scientist, tracker and a master of all forms of unarmed combat whose unique hybrid fighting style incorporates acrobatics and aspects of animal mimicry. T'Challa being a royal descendent of a warrior race is also a master of armed combat, able to use a variety of weapons but prefers unarmed combat. He is a master planner who always thinks several steps ahead and will go to extreme measures to achieve his goals and protect the kingdom of Wakanda.”

But I define him as my new favorite superhero (not including Morgan Freeman).

Guess what? A movie to genuinely showcase Black Panther’s awesomeness is in the making! It has already been inferred that the film will dominate in the box office. For one, it’s Marvel. Two, it will be the first time Black Panther comes outside of comics and animation to the big screen. Last week during Comic Con there was a third guarantee that this was going to be lit. The cast!

The Black Panther cast will feature some of today’s biggest African Americans actors including:

Chadwick Boseman

Danai Gurira

Michael B Jordan

Lupita Nyong'o

 (From Left to Right) Danai Gurira,Chadwick Boseman,Lupita Nyong'o,Michael B Jordan

(From Left to Right) Danai Gurira,Chadwick Boseman,Lupita Nyong'o,Michael B Jordan

Calculating from the box office, these actors, together, have grossed over $257,800,554 in films during their careers. It’s definitely safe to say the this upcoming film will add to that estimate drastically.

But it doesn’t stop there. The behind the scenes action makes this project even better. Ryan Coogler, famous for his director's work on Creed, will also be directing Black Panther. In addition, a spin off of the Black Panther comic, World of Wakanda #1 will premiere in November under the power of allegedly Marvel's first female lead writers Roxane Gay and poet Yona Harvey.

This is monumental representation for the comic world and society, especially the black youth. Black superheros don’t get the recognition that heroes like Batman, Captain America, or Superman receive. The only black superheros I know of growing up was Storm (played by Halle Berry), and Blade (played by Wesley Snipes). Black Panther, will give this next generation the opportunity to know a leading superhero that looks like them, and that’s a start to generate more heroes in real life.

Monday Motivation: Richard Browne Jr.

By: Khyle Buchanan

Meet ESPY award winning athlete Richard Browne Jr.

Richard Browne Jr. lost one of his legs in 2010 in a car accident. Despite losing his leg, he decided to run track and is the fastest single leg amputee sprinter in the world. At the young age of 25 he has won three different running medals, and broken numerous T44 class records; the class he runs in.

His debut in 2012 saw him take home a silver medal in the London Paralympic Games. He won gold medals in 2013, and 2015 at the International Paralympic Committee World Championships.

At the IPC Athletics World Championships he ran a record time of 10.83 seconds in the T44 100-meter semi-finals in 2013, and 21.27 seconds in the 200-meter at Mt. Sac Relays in Los Angeles in 2014. He broke his record of 10.83 seconds later in 2013 with a time of 10.75 seconds.

“I don’t care how many legs you have. I want to race you,” Browne said in an interview with CNN.

In 2013, he put that quote into action when he became the first T44 class runner to compete in a world class able bodied field at the Millrose Games in New York City, and again in 2014 when he ran in the Meeting De Mondeville in France.

In 2016 he added to his list of accomplishments, an ESPY award, winning “Best Male Athlete with a Disability” before retiring four days later.

As a record breaking pioneer who broke down doors, and shattered glass ceilings, Richard Browne Jr. has earned a spot among the greats. He retires, not only a success, but also an inspiration.