What You Didn’t Know About Black-Owned Businesses

By: Karmin Wilson

Hey, we bet you didn’t know that Missouri has been ranked #19 in the nation for number of black-owned businesses. According to the Missouri Research Information Center, in 2012 there were 36,230 black-owned businesses in St. Louis. Now that we've given you this information, we want you to learn more about black-owned businesses because we think everyone should support black-owned businesses.

There have been many black-owned businesses that have been shut down because of a lack of customers. We want to people to see more black-owned businesses succeeding and not failing. According to an article in the Bloomberg News, 8 out of 10 businesses worldwide fail within the first 18 months. One reason a business fails is because they don't do research before they start. Another reason may be that the business just isn’t getting enough customers to pay their bills.

 We found, and interviewed, the black-owned business, MaTiff Dance Company (Majorly Ambitious Tiffanie), and wondered what inspired her to start her own dance studio? Tiffanie Stanfield, the owner, wanted to reach troubled youth to keep them out of trouble. As a dancer, she started doodling in a notebook and came up with the idea. She started from scratch and turned her idea into a successful dance company.

As the interview went on, we wanted to know what her start up price was and how she came up with up with that? “I just wanted to dance. I started a company, but at the time my young and inexperienced mind just saw it as a group and it was free to join,” Stanfield says.

 Growing up, Stanfield couldn't afford dance classes. So as she opened her studio, she made the membership price affordable. Membership costs start at $15 per week to give people an opportunity to learn how to dance at a low price. Stanfield doesn’t limit her members to dance only. She also teaches individuals life skills such as: Professionalism and Learning how to network with the amazing vehicle of dance.

 We challenge you to visit at least three black-owned businesses by the end of February, because we want to see change in the communities that we live in.