Boutique Calla Lily: Prom Do’s and Don’ts

By OTM Staff

As you get ready for prom , you want everything to be right. The main thing that you will focus on is the dress. You need to know: where to go, what will the dress cost, and can it be ready in time. Don’t worry. Boutique Calla Lily discussed how to get a dress fit for the red carpet at the price you need.


Do your research to know what your dream dress will cost. Most girls are unaware of the actual cost of a prom dress. Many will come into the store for the first time excited but then be shocked when they hear the price. Do your homework before you get in the store. Set a realistic goal for the dress you want and shop within your limits. Most popular dresses start at about $200.

Budget yourself ahead of time to get the dress you desire. If you wait until the last minute, you may not be able to afford the Cinderella dress you have been dreaming about since you were a little girl. Be prepared and create a budget. At Boutique Calla Lily, you can put dresses on layaway and pay a little at a time. Figure out what works with your income and create a plan a few months in advance. And don't forget, most dresses will need alteration, so you will need extra money in your budget for the cost. It's rare that you won't need alterations.

Dress for your personality and body type.  You will feel much more comfortable! Just because you love the dress on the model, doesn't mean that you'll love it for yourself.  We are all inspired by dresses worn by celebrities and supermodels. It's great to keep trending styles in mind while shopping but, make sure the dress is just right for you. Your "just right dress" will not only make you feel comfortable but, will exude your personal style, beauty, and confidence!"



Don't buy a dress from online stores that offer "designer dresses at discounted prices." Often, girls come to local stores looking for help finding a dress, after they have been disappointed by a dress that they purchased a dress from an online site. Either they are upset because the dress they paid for is not going to arrive on time or because the dress looks nothing like the advertised dress, once it does arrive.  The purchased dress looks more like a curtain than a dress.  Be careful when buying dresses online from produced outside the country. Do your research on the store's history to make sure it's worth your time and money.

Don't wait until the last minute to get your dress.  "It!" dresses sell out fast. Come in early, so that you will have a greater selection of styles, sizes and colors to choose from.

Don't worry about if someone else is going to have the same dress. At Boutique Calla Lily, they keep a dress registry, so that they won't sell the same dress in the same color to the same event. But, what if you arrive at the dance and someone still has on your dress? What will you do? Don't worry about it! It's how YOU wear and accessorize your dress. Your personal style and confidence level will make the same dress look completely different.

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