Monday Motivation: Who Is Cliffannie Forrester?

By Tubias Johnson


Guess who’s making boss moves. I’m talking more boss than winning a championship, more boss than “Mac ‘n Cheetos”. More boss than Rick Ross himself (no disrespect to Ross, big fan).

This is Cliffannie Forrester.

Forrester is a upcoming graduate from High School of Art and Design, in Manhattan, NY.

Forrester is the winner of the P.S. Art 2016: Celebrating the Creative Spirit of NYC Kids

Cliffanne won with her painting titled “Uganda”.

This is a photo of Forrester’s painting titled “Uganda.”

As the winner of the contest, Forrester’s painting is featured in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

“Uganda” was inspired by a missionary trip Forrester went on last summer.

Forrester’s painting “Uganda” also debuted in New York City in Time Square on the big screens.

As a result, Huffington Post, Elle Magazine, and Essence Magazine reached out to Forrester about her painting.

Cliffanne was so excited about the news that she went on a three hour twitter rant.

Forrester says, “People think I’m stopping here I achieved my ultimate goal…I’m getting another piece in the MET one day (and) nothing will stop me.”

Cliffannie Forrester is only 18 years old.

Be like Cliffannie Forrester.