Disney Dreamers Academy: The First Step Towards Your Future

By Dominique Shields

Do you spend most of your time in class and at work daydreaming about your future? Have big plans for what you want your life to look like? Are you motivated and passionate about following your dreams? Well Steve Harvey and Essence Magazine has partnered to create a mentoring program perfectly tailored for young people like you - Disney Dreamers Academy!

This academy is a 4 day opportunity for 100 high school students, age 13 to 19, to be inspired, motivated, and prepared to dream big. They are looking for potential Dreamers who reflect strong character, positive attitude and persistence to take advantage of opportunities. Applicants who qualify, and a parent/guardian, get to go on an ALL EXPENSE PAID trip to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Once there, you get to participate in captivating workshops that relate to career paths from journalism to zoology. The application deadline is October 31, 2016 so don’t miss this opportunity to change your life!

For more information about the program, visit their website.