How to Create Goals like a Boss with Allison Marshall

Ronald Walter

I recently just completed a Goal Setting Guide by Allison, the owner of The guide was very creative, organized, and beneficial. Allison helped me to realize my goals. My ultimate goal is to save $5,000 by the end of the year and become more aware of the lessons I learn from people in my life. This is a great way to understand who I am and how I want to complete my goals.

Thanks to Allison’s Goal Setting Guide, I now have an outline of my life and exactly how to implement my goals. Allison had very helpful examples such as, “Take a look at your past year to see what was great about it.” This is very helpful because looking at your past will show your best moments. This is something I think everyone should do because it's a really great tool. I look forward to completing my goals thanks to Allison’s Goal Setting Guide.

Not only did Ronald get to experience filling out this great goal setting guide, but also many other interns of On the Money! Here’s their take on it!

The ultimate guide to goal setting was actually a very mind changing packet to say the least. It makes you rethink your priorities and analyze what’s important to get done first. Her spunky way in telling you that you need to prioritize and not play around is motivating in a weird way.
— Ariel W.
The way Allison went about making you identify what your goals are seemed very effective. You may begin to work towards something without the right motives in mind, or may not even realize what exactly you want/need in your life right now. This tool doesn’t just ask you to list out your goals; it helps you realize what your goals are.
— Chris T.
The packet made me go into more detail as far as my future goals. I also received a blogging checklist full of helpful ways to be a better blogger. Upon looking over the list, and checking off the ones that apply, I had seen the percentage of tips that I actually did already was a small ratio to the total number of tips. That means there is much room for improvement, which is never a bad thing. Both the packet and checklist are very useful to me in a sense of helping me set goals for my future at a young age, while also being a helping hand in blogging finer and better.
— Kawan Y.
After completing the Ultimate Guide to Goal Setting, I found that it is a great way for you to get motivated and prepared to accomplish all of the goals you have! Most people make goals up in their head but sometimes end up not reaching them because they don’t plan ahead. This is why actually writing them down like the guide asks you, saves up so much valuable time!
— Leonora D.

Thank you Allison for creating this Ultimate Guide to Goal Setting! 

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