Koran Bolden: Creating Young Entrepreneurs & Masterminds

His teachers used to tell him, "You're a great kid...just stop talking so much." So he did. Until he realized that his ability was to reach people with his words.

Koran began using his talents as an artist and touching people through his rap music which landed him a deal under Def Jam Records. The music was just the beginning of his inspirational journey. Koran decided to redirect his energy into a new vision. In his first venture to push boundaries, Koran built a studio (Street Dreamz Recording Studio) in the St. Louis Outlet Mall. He wanted a studio that was open to young people  to express themselves in a positive manner. Today, Koran is a published author of Rock Paper Scissors: 3 Secrets How Your Failures Can Make You Famous, business owner, and motivational speaker.  

“Entrepreneurship gave me the ability to speak without any resistance on what I truly believe in and to be able to influence people to live a life that they feel like they were truly created to live,” said Koran. 

What if Koran didn’t take that first step, to use his gift of touching people through his voice? Listen to our interview below as we dig deeper into Koran’s career, how he got there and what he has planned next!