Monday Motivation: Thought It Was a Drought

If you were to tell me that there was a curse put on Cleveland sports before the game, I would’ve probably believed it . Whether it's basketball or football, the city of Cleveland hasn't been too familiar with professional championships.

LeBron James won consecutive Finals MVPs  and titles in 2012 and 2013 as he played with the Miami Heat. He returned to Cleveland as a free agent in July 2014. Thanks to Cleveland Cavaliers with their win over the Golden State Warriors they snapped the 52 year drought.

Hometown hero Lebron James set out a goal to bring home a NBA title and they did just that. “For us to be able to end this, end this drought, our fans deserve it. They deserve it. And it was for them.” said James. After trailing in the series 3-1, nearly the world doubted Cleveland’s chance of winning. With diligence & motivation, James and crew were able to make history.

Being the first ever NBA team to win a championship after being down 3-1 in the series. LeBron James faced a lot of obstacles and doubters. Critics expected him to fold instead he prospered. “Throughout my 13-year career I’ve been nothing but true to the game, give everything I have to the game, put my heart, my blood, sweat and tears into the game and people still want to doubt what I can do. So that was a little icing on the cake.”  With this win the Cleveland Cavaliers are expected to rake in an additional estimated 13 million dollars which will be split amongst the team depending on salary. Cleveland showed us how to win while haters thought it was a drought.