Monday Motivation: Black Panther Movie

By Tubias J.

Superheroes play a big role in the lives of many, young and old; myself included. All of my life I have been a Batman fan. He had a cool car, his suite was everything to me, he was rich, but humble, unlike Iron Man. Plus, there was a series of movies where Morgan Freeman made of Batman's equipment! You can’t beat that! But it wasn’t until two years ago when I discovered T’Challa better known as Black Panther, that I realized I had been bamboozled. Black Panther is described by Marvel as:

"A brilliant tactician, strategist, scientist, tracker and a master of all forms of unarmed combat whose unique hybrid fighting style incorporates acrobatics and aspects of animal mimicry. T'Challa being a royal descendent of a warrior race is also a master of armed combat, able to use a variety of weapons but prefers unarmed combat. He is a master planner who always thinks several steps ahead and will go to extreme measures to achieve his goals and protect the kingdom of Wakanda.”

But I define him as my new favorite superhero (not including Morgan Freeman).

Guess what? A movie to genuinely showcase Black Panther’s awesomeness is in the making! It has already been inferred that the film will dominate in the box office. For one, it’s Marvel. Two, it will be the first time Black Panther comes outside of comics and animation to the big screen. Last week during Comic Con there was a third guarantee that this was going to be lit. The cast!

The Black Panther cast will feature some of today’s biggest African Americans actors including:

Chadwick Boseman

Danai Gurira

Michael B Jordan

Lupita Nyong'o

 (From Left to Right) Danai Gurira,Chadwick Boseman,Lupita Nyong'o,Michael B Jordan

(From Left to Right) Danai Gurira,Chadwick Boseman,Lupita Nyong'o,Michael B Jordan

Calculating from the box office, these actors, together, have grossed over $257,800,554 in films during their careers. It’s definitely safe to say the this upcoming film will add to that estimate drastically.

But it doesn’t stop there. The behind the scenes action makes this project even better. Ryan Coogler, famous for his director's work on Creed, will also be directing Black Panther. In addition, a spin off of the Black Panther comic, World of Wakanda #1 will premiere in November under the power of allegedly Marvel's first female lead writers Roxane Gay and poet Yona Harvey.

This is monumental representation for the comic world and society, especially the black youth. Black superheros don’t get the recognition that heroes like Batman, Captain America, or Superman receive. The only black superheros I know of growing up was Storm (played by Halle Berry), and Blade (played by Wesley Snipes). Black Panther, will give this next generation the opportunity to know a leading superhero that looks like them, and that’s a start to generate more heroes in real life.