Money Habits: 3 Habits You’re Glad You Have

By Dominique Shields

Despite all the bad money habits we tend to have, I’m sure there are some good habits there that we just don’t pay enough attention to. Or you might have habits that you don’t think are good, but they can surprisingly be one of the good ones. Either way, here are some money habits you should thank yourself for.

You aren’t materialistic

This might sound cliche, but when you spend your money, you spend wisely. The money you spend isn’t wasted on those overpriced shoes and clothes, you’d rather pay to go to concerts and trips to see the world. It’s spending your money on experiences as opposed to materials. You’re actually experiencing the world. Shout out to you!

You invest in your future

When you were a freshman, did you look up scholarships for college? Is college even an option for you? Well that’s you investing in your future. Anything you do today to have a better life later is already awesome, but the younger you start the better your outcome will be. What about retirement? If you thought about starting  your retirement funds now, that is another way you’re investing in your future, and there are accounts with banks and credit unions that help you with retirement funds as well. Click for more info.

You want to talk about money

Have you asked your parents about getting a bank account? Have you talked to them about loans? It doesn’t have to be your parents either. Talking about money means you’re comfortable with it and you want to learn about how to manage it. That is a huge step, considering there are resources that people don’t know about. Sometimes it’s impossible to know unless you ask about it.

Having these habits is improving your life and you didn’t even know it. It’s the simplest things in life that bring the most joy. And if you happened to not have one of these habits, it’s never too late to start. You can go ask your mom about a savings account right now, or rethink your decision about that $200 jacket you were thinking about getting.