A Second Chance for Success

St. Louis Program Aids Scholar Achievement

Interview By: Najee Person Written By: Ronald Walter

Think of an organization that helps students improve in class. Sonja Johnson has created that opportunity right here in St. Louis! Scholar Achievement and Negotiating Success Inc. (SAANS) is a non-profit organization that was designed to help students with low performance in class to improve. The program promotes scholar achievement starting with students in the sixth grade. The goal is to support students who are having problems in the classroom. SAANS is available to give students motivation that they may not get while in school.

On The Money: How did you become your own boss and what made you want to start your own business?

Sonja Johnson: Well I have been a teacher for 25 years. I felt like I was spending more of my time out of the classroom doing paper work and not engaging with the students. My mom told me that I needed to let my job go because she saw that I wasn't happy. God woke me up and gave me a vision. So I wrote it down and made a business plan. The next thing I knew I gained my passion back.

OTM: What are the schools you work with?

Johnson: At this point, Yeatman Liddell Middle School, Cleveland High School, Lancaster and many more.

OTM: How involved are you with the parents and the students?

Johnson: I’m very involved with the parents and school. I contact the parents and go to their homes to help them be successful and March 12 I am having a basketball tournament for fathers and sons, to raise money to send them to a summer camp for science.

OTM: Do you have any advice for a young person wanting to be an entrepreneur?

Johnson: Don't give up on your dreams and write them down. If you want to do it don't, settle.

For more info contact Sonja Johnson at: (314)-571-4099