Monday Motivation: Tierra Parks Brown Gives Helpful Job Interviewing Tips

By Dominique Shields

Hot 104.1 radio personality Tierra Parks Brown aka Tee Animated, stopped by On the Money to give us some helpful and motivating tips on interviewing. Here’s what we learned!

Attire Etiquette:

  • Don’t wear see through or lace clothing

  • Heel lengths should be between 2 and 4 inches


  • Don’t wear a bundle of chains

  • Keep earring sizes to a minimum

  • Wear neutral colors (nothing too bright and flashy)

  • Stay away from snapbacks and sneakers

  • How you present your attire in the interview is how you should keep your attire in the workplace.

During the Interview

  • Ask trigger questions to get useful information

    • Ex: How long have you been here? What keeps you coming back?

  • Be responsive

  • Make sure your body language is on point

  • Be engaging

  • Be sure to have a personal goal or mission statement


  • Don’t use slang or hip language

  • Don’t let them know you have a temper

  • Checklist for a Lasting Impression

    • Appearance

    • Communication

    • Character

    • Remember: You only get ONE chance

After You Get the Job

  • Keep your attitude in check

  • Teamwork

  • Values/Pride (ask for help)

  • Expect to work hard

  • Take notes

  • Take your time

  • Be serious about your job

  • Learn to Balance

  • Code switching is key

  • Own up to your faults

We had an amazing time learning from Tierra Parks - Brown! There was so much more we learned, and we just wanted to share with you to always be helpful. Feel free to use these tips for upcoming interviews, or a current job you have. This was our motivation to glo up. Hopefully it is now your motivation too!