Teens with the Gift of Entrepreneurship

By Emma Iffrig and Kawan Yarbrough

On December 5, a group of teen entrepreneurs were selected to join SLU’s Entrepreneurship Escalator Pitch Competition held at the Edward Jones Dome. Our team met up with a few of the contestants, and are getting to share their brilliant ideas with you.

Ehan Kamat, 15 years old, created The Sole Mender

What is The Sole Mender?

“It’s a treatment device for plantar fasciitis. It combines cold therapy with massage therapy.”

If you are asking the same question we were, ‘What is plantar fasciitis?’, Kamat explains that “Plantar fasciitis is a foot condition where you have micro tears on the plantar fascia, the tendon that runs along the bottom of your foot, and sometimes those micro tears can be excruciatingly painful.” This product is great for people who are on their feet a lot or are major runners. Kamat says that he wants his product to ‘help people alleviate their pain.’ “My plan is to get rid of plantar fasciitis pain. Obviously it’s not something you can just get rid of but the idea is that we can help alleviate it and help people that have it. Right now there are treatments that are fairly expensive so this falls at a lower price range than most of the products on the market today,” says Kamat.

Marie Auton, co-created a business known as, Wrapped with Love

What is 'Wrapped with Love?'

The business creates and sells head wraps to help young girls feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. For each head wrap sold, they donate a portion of their proceeds to Friends of Kids with Cancer. They want these young girls feel amazing even if they’ve lost their own hair due to cancer. Auton says that she hopes that her business will make young girls feel beautiful and confident in their skin no matter what they look like. “I also just want to create more of a passion to give back and help out others,” Auton says.

Mark ‘Nevin’ Horne, plans to create Aveon Apparel

What is Aveon Apparel?

Aveon Apparel will be a  brand of scented undergarments, and then hopefully would expand to a full-length clothing line. Horne hopes that Aveon Apparel will help people feel more confident. “I hope to make people feel confident, I hope to make people feel wanted and not judged if they forget to do something like put on deodorant. I mean, we’re kids, we’re people, we make mistakes, we forget stuff,” says Horne. “I feel like no one should feel bad because one day you forget to put on deodorant because they’re in a rush, or they oversleep and don’t take a shower. I feel like people need to feel better about themselves.”

We would like to say that congratulations to all of the competitors, and commend you all on a job well done. We also were very intrigued and engaged while these competitors were talking about their businesses. It was very interesting that people our age, or even younger, had such big ideas when most of us are trying to finish high school.