Blogging Tips for Newbies Who Can Make Serious Coins

By Leonora Dullovi


Even if you’re thinking “Well I’m in high school and I don’t have all the resources”, you too can turn your love for writing into a career now! On the Money, currently had a visit from Danyelle Little, founder of her own, successful blog called the Cubicle Chick.  Danyelle originally started off as a pro blogger since 2010 in Saint Louis. Then went on to create her own blog. She believed in using blogging to serve an audience and that no matter what, the blogs that serve will always make money. OTM got the chance to ask her questions and got some great advice as far as starting up your own blog.

1.  What sets your blog apart?

You! There are plenty of other bloggers out there but you and you only can set your blog apart by bringing personality and other things you have to offer. Don’t be a copycat of other bloggers. There isn’t anyone else out there that is you, so that alone serves as uniqueness.

2.  How long did it take you to get a lot of followers?  What spiked the growth?

Being featured on CNN’s website linked back to the Cubicle Chick and after that the numbers just kept coming in. Publicity from bigger sites and social media outlets is a major key.  Danyelle uses Twitter as an advantage as far as gaining followers because she says “you’ll never know who’s watching your feed.”  Just be a simple retweet can get you a bigger platform.  Here are some major Twitter tips Danyelle says bloggers NEED to know:

·         Think of Twitter as a party. Start conversations with people.

·         Use hashtags to relevant topics.

·         Know what is trending at the moment or any breaking news. Be the first to write about it! That way everyone will go to you.

·         Memes go viral!  Have fun and make your own.

·         Make a bunch of relatable quotes.

·         Ask questions that will engage people.

3.  How did you get other people on board with your blogging?

Get the people that are already rooting for you to be a part of the team as well. They’re the ones who understand the brand and are willing to work towards it. If you end up working with people that aren’t interested in the vision, then progress won’t be made as it should be.

Now that you know a little more about blogging, give it a try! You have many of the tools right in front of you, just start to use them! Even though I’m sure you use social media already, just get more engaged. Blogging will open up a lot of opportunities. If you have any questions ask OTM and check out The Cubicle Chick website!