Giving Your Job Search A Tune Up

By Dominique Shields


Tired of constantly searching for a job and coming up short? I understand your pain and I want to help. I found four simple ways that you can give your job search the tweaking it needs to get you out of that job searching rut.

What are you looking for?

Not having a clear idea of what kind of job you want can hold your search back. The more you know about what you’re looking for, the easier you can find it.

Don’t be Afraid to Let People Know You’re Looking

Have you ever told your cousin you’re looking for a job, then they call you the next day telling you about this job posting they saw? It could work in your favor when you tell your family and friends you’re looking for a job so they can look with you. Two sets of eyes are better than one!

Time for a Resume Makeover

I’ve learned that resumes that look boring don’t get looked at. So when’s the last time you made some changes to your resume? You shouldn’t be afraid to spice up your resume. Adding a little color, or even a headshot can go a long way.

Check out an example here:

Social Media Could Make or Break You

While people are getting more and more into social media, so are jobs. Someone could be looking at your Facebook profile right now and see that post you made about a “wild weekend”. Be mindful that social media is accessible to people that might hire you one day. At the same time, you can find postings about jobs via social media as well. So while they might be looking at you, you can look at them too!