5 Tips to Ensure You Aren’t Late for an Interview

By Emma Iffrig

Are you easily stressed when you have an interview for a job the next day or even within a week, and can’t seem to calm down? Well, I’m going to give you 5 easy tips do before your interview to prepare yourself and hopefully calm yourself down. 

1.      Know where you’re going. Take an hour, or however long you need, to figure out where you’re going. This will reduce the stress of trying to figure out where the building is and what room you may be in. This is also a sure way to make sure that IF YOU ARE running late then you aren’t scrambling to find the place, which adds more time.


2.      Pick out your outfit the night before. Do you remember your mom telling you to get your clothes ready for your first day of school? She told you this to make sure you could think about other more important things, such as a paper you needed to bring on your first day or the hand sanitizer for the teachers. Well replace the first day of school with your first, second, ...eighth, or last interview. Having your clothes picked out the night before helps you in the morning when you’re also trying to put on your make-up or take a shower. *(If your interview is in the afternoon you can wear your outfit or keep it in a safe location for you to put it on later.)

3.      Plan on having a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I know that there are many people who don’t eat breakfast, but you should! It gives you a boost and a lead on all of those other people who don’t eat their breakfast. Eating a breakfast also ensures you having a meal in your system in case you miss lunch.

4.      Get all of your paperwork together. This tip doesn’t mean to just get your papers together, but it also means to make sure they are all in order. If you’re bringing your resume and some reference letters, make sure you have them in the order you want and that you KNOW where they are. (This tip will come in handy for when you’re in the actual interview.) If you want to go even farther, put them near the door or somewhere where you won’t forget them on your way out the door. This will come in handy for when you calmly walk out the door for your interview. Because you know, you’ve eaten your healthy breakfast in the clothes you picked out last night and know exactly where you’re going.  

5.      Get a swell night’s rest! I know that everyone may say this, but it really works! When you’re well rested your energy is higher, which people feed off and then everyone is happy! No one wants to work with or hire a grumpy Gilbert… or Gilda. 


After reading all of these tips are you less nervous? I believe in you, you can do it! Go get them, tiger!