Make Your Business Boom with Skillshare

By OTM Staff

The entire staff at On The Money Magazine uses Skillshare to gain new skills.

Skillshare is a learning community where anyone can teach, take or discover classes at a beginners and expert level. You can learn skills within a minimum time frame. Also Skillshare can be as low as free and up to $12.00 a month.

Alexis Patton

The class I chose was iPhone Photography. This class stood out to me because so many people have iPhones and like taking pictures. For me I want to take pictures, but I don’t have a camera for it. This lessons taught me how to take professional looking pictures with just an iPhone lense. Mariya Popandopulo teaches about the light contrast, layers, and focusing on the main point of the picture. She teaches about more than just taking the picture, but helpful methods and creative effects. I’ve learned how to use the light to help make my pictures more exaggerated and to separate me from others using an iPhone. Photography classes outside of Skillshare normally range from $25.00 to $100.00 or more.

Jayla Cooper

The intro refers to Vimeo and how it is the number one video creating website.Vimeo is a website that is provided for people who are passionate about film making a photography.Skillshare benefits from the video by teaching beginners how to edit and apply basic creating skills.Video Basic: Creating Pro Video on your iPhone shows how to make videos such as resume and presentations through a video on your mobile device. The equipment is an important factor in the video. You would need the following items ; Tripod or Stabilizer, Lighting and sound. When doing this activity you should have a storyboard and a script to make sure the video flows. Coverage is important it’s the amount of footage shot and different camera angles used to capture the scene. When getting different shots you should keep the camera close to your body and do not zoom.Before editing you want to get two or three of the same shots. Play them several times to see which one is the better fit for the video. When it’s time to edit you can take out all the words that are unnecessary to the video through a editing software. With the editing software you can speed and slow down the content or delete audio and replace it with your own music. I choose this class to gain knowledge about filmmaking and editing. It was interesting to me learning something I never knew how to do. On skillshare this class was free but usually to learn premium video editing, it can cost $16,000 to $35,000. This class could teach both amateurs and experts.


I picked a very interesting topic, I have an iPhone and I’ve always wondered what the GarageBand App does and when I went into it it looked boring so I deleted it but come to find out that it's actually a beat maker and you can have your own studio which sounds really cool. The name of my video is called Mobile Recording Studio: GarageBand for iPad and basically it showed me step by step how to create my own tunes. These classes are completely free and just like a youtube video and easy to navigate on your Phone or iPad. I’d highly recommend if you’re just getting into the music business that Garage Band would be a great starting point for you, you can also upload it when you're complete with your masterpiece.It’s completely free but if you wanted to produce professionally then it would cost about $78,000 (that’s a lot I’ll just stick to garageband for now)


The class that I watched was “How Teenagers Can Have Multiple Low Cost Businesses.” The class talked about the process and the dedication that goes into starting your own business. That start of your business is finding what you will sell and where you will sell it. More popular sites are Etsy and Amazon. You will also need to advertise. I learned that creating a page on Facebook will help with the target market and help promote the business. WooCommerce was mentioned on being a great source for shipping. It gives you total control over everything that happens. Taking this class at a college would cost around $200-$300 but I just learned it for free! This class is very helpful and a great source for teens looking to start their own business.

Skillshare is a great way to improve and learn new skills at no time. Join today to get started.