Hello! 15+ things to Strike off Your Resume

By Dominique Shields


I know it can be difficult searching for employment and wondering why you don’t get any offers. Let me ask you something; when was the last time you tweaked your resume? I know, you’ve been told the strict way to do a resume since you were in the womb, but you could have that unknown deal-breaker highlighted in bullet form documented and on the desk of all your future employers. Did I freak you out a little? Good! Here’s 15+ things that need to be taken away from your resume (and yes, they will be in bullet form).

  • An objective

    • If you applied for the job, do they really need to know you want the job again? In the case that you are switching industries completely, add a BRIEF summary. In other words, keep it simple.

  • Irrelevant work experience

    • No one at Goodkin Law cares if you worked at McDonalds...

  • Personal details

  • Your full Address

  • More than one phone number

  • Your hobbies

    • I honestly don’t know why you thought your employer needed to know you enjoy karaoke on the weekends. But seriously, it’s irrelevant if it has nothing to do with the aspired position

  • LIES

    • Not ok!

  • Too much text

  • Too many BULLETS

  • Time off

  • Details that give away your age

  • References

  • Inconsistent format

  • Personal pronouns

  • Present tense for past jobs

  • Unprofessional email

  • Unnecessary words

  • Current business contact info

  • Headers, footers, images, tables, charts

  • Boss name

  • Company specific jargon

  • Social media url that are not related to the job position

  • More than 15 years of experience

    • I mean how many years can you really have if you’re that age?

  • Salary information

  • Outdated fonts

  • Fancy fonts

  • Reasons why you left previous jobs

    • EXTRA ADVICE:  This question is asked often on applications, so the way to answer is leave it short and professional; i.e Seeking a position with possibilities of higher employment.

  • Annoying buzzwords

  • Your gpa

  • Why you want the job

  • Your picture

  • Opinions instead of facts

And a few other things need to be striked-out on your resume, as soon as you can if you’re looking for employment now.

This could be the change you need to get that position you’ve been eying. To  be honest, when I saw this list, there was AT LEAST half of these that used to be on my resume, but I changed my resume. Will you? Check out the whole list here.