4 Blogs/Websites You Need to Prepare for College

By Dominique Shields & Najee Person

In high school your senior year can be one of the most straining years of school. There are websites and blogs that offer help with getting ready for college, academically and otherwise. On the Money has exclusive insider tips on where to find an endless amount of resources to help you have a successful college start. Read more here!

5 Ways to Get Free College Money

By Leo Dullovi and Brock Seals

Are you aware of the many resources available to help you pay for college? Many funds are awarded to students from academic excellence to financial need. Use these helpful tips when applying to help save money. Read more here!



How to Prep for the ACT

By OTM Interns

What are some ways to save money prepare for the ACT? Are there fees associated and how do you avoid those fees? Can certain foods and snacks help your mind be prepared? You may ask yourself these questions. Well we have the answers for you right here! Check it out and get prepared for the ACT now!

Pros and Cons:In-State Colleges vs. Out of State 

By OTM Interns

Don't know where you're going to college? No worries! Allow us to help you make those choices! We give helpful info about in state colleges and also out of state. Everyone has different preferences. Grab your notepad and check out the pros and cons of each option here