2 Cheap Ways to Host Your Graduation Party

By: Emma Iffrig

After you graduate you’re pushed into what’s known as the “adult world,” but why not have some fun before while also benefitting financially? Why not throw a party? Here are two affordable graduation  party options where you can also receive useful items all at the same time!

Have a Potluck.

Throw a party for your relatives and/or friends. I know it may sound lame to have Aunt Betty singing karaoke music from the 80’s to help celebrate your graduation, but your family members are the ones who know you the best. This party will have all of your family and/or friends in your house/ backyard. Hosting a potluck makes your party essentially free since you can host it at your own home. Cost cutting benefits include: “Aunt Betty, will you please bring a vegetable? Uncle Jim, will please bring a dessert, maybe like some brownies?” Talk to everyone to figure out who wants to bring the bigger items.Food tip: You can purchase large packs of hot dogs at Costco (4.5lb.s) or Sam’s Club (5lb.s). If you or your parents aren’t a member of either, you can find them almost anywhere, but at a slightly higher price.

This makes no cost for you in the food department. You may just have to provide some napkins, plates, and silverware. Cool gift tip: I suggest asking your family for the bigger items, such as a mini fridge or even a microwave for you to put in your dorm room. This is the perfect time! Make sure you talk to your room mate too!

Trunk Party.

Hosting a trunk party prepares you for the after-graduation-life slightly differently. The idea is wrapped around you going to college and your guests include both family and/ or friends. The gifts they’d bring are gifts that could be what you need while living as a college student. A couple of specific examples include bedding, school supplies, an alarm clock, etc. They are smaller items that you could fit in a trunk, not a car’s trunk, but a trunk that looks like a chest.

What about food? Food for your guests may include small sandwiches and appetizers. You may not even need to purchase the trunk yourself, but if you want to the prices range from $30-$200. Try checking thrift stores or asking anyone in your family if they have one to cut costs!

Each graduation party is different. These are only a couple affordable options to keep in mind to prepare you for college on a budget!