#BlackGirlMagic Coming at You Dentist Style

By Dominique Shields

So the world’s FIRST school of Dentistry just met their FIRST black valedictorian since it was established almost 200 years ago!

Tera Poole had no idea she was the valedictorian until she saw it 2 days after graduation. But what she did know was that she was dedicated and working hard the whole time. Her and nine other black students held each other down to make it through the year. “When it came to studying for classes, we'd study together in the library. If it came to things outside of school that we were having hardships with, we always made sure we were there and speaking with each other,” Poole said in an interview.

Poole has expressed how she feels about her experience in a post on Instagram and she’s ready for her next step: to become the “‘Dr. Oz of Dentistry”’. Poole said she hopes to open up her own practice in the future, and resurrect a blog she let die during dental school. “I'll be pursuing my orthodontics residency but also branching out under the Dr. Tera name so I definitely want people to stay tuned for what's next," she said.

It’s clear Poole has more in store on her journey. And I have a feeling we’ll be hearing about it soon. Until then, shine on black woman, and spread that magic!