Discovering College Board

By Kenyae Shelton

Are you stressed about college? Do you have a game plan? Do you know where and when to start? 

Thanks to College Board, I do.

Graduating from high school and starting college is a very important part of life. It is critical that you understand and are prepared for every step of the way. College Board breaks it all down for you and shows you how to get started. All you have to do is search, make an account, and take advantage of the effective tips for college.

One of the most important steps is knowing where you are going. College Board can help. Just click “college search” at the top of the webpage. You will be asked several questions to narrow your search and make finding “the college for you” easier. Some of the components to finding that college are test scores and selectivity, campus size and housing, majors, cost, sports and activities, location, and environment. Once you review your results, College Board provides a link to each school’s website. You can select the link to read more or personally visit the campus of the college.


College Board has so much to offer. They provide advice and motivation, including “five things you should know about college admission” and “how to get started.”  They also provide assistance with paying for college. On the website they explain how to complete the FAFSA, get loans, and provide websites and ways to receive grants and scholarships.

Membership continues to expand and here’s your opportunity to take advantage. Explore College Board and be prepared for college success.