DIY Dorm Room Decor

By Dominique Shields

I know you can’t wait for your turn at freedom. The best part is, this year will be the first year you will have total control over how your room is decorated. Think about it; this is a serious task you have ahead of you; most of your time will be spent in this room.  I got your back, though. Here’s some DIY projects to express your new found freedom in your dorm room:

DIY flower lights can be the perfect beginning to getting your creative feet wet. You only need 4 simple tools to create a scenic rainbow of whatever colors you choose! Here’s more information.

Want a better way to put out your photos from home? Hanging your photos on the wall from a clothesline can certainly save some room on your shelves, and it also looks nice! Here’s more information.

Organization can save you from many disasters in college, so why not already be prepared? Having a unique way to organize your calendar and notes can start you off in the right direction. Check out more here.

Maybe you want to be more conservative this year. Try using a chalkboard for a table. You won’t have to worry about mixing up any important papers. Here’s more information.