Pt. 2 of Ronald's College Journey to Glo Up

By Ronald Walter

I'm glad to see you came back from part 1 of my college journey. If you're new, I'm glad to see you too. Last time I talked about how I came up with my college list. This time I'm talking about what I did with my list.

The first thing I did was shorten my list down to five schools. They were:

Bradley University

Park University

Millikin University

William Jewell College

Roosevelt University

I put them in order from top choice to my last choice and Bradley University was number one.

The next thing I needed to tackle was college visits. Over my junior year of high school I became a College Summit Peer Leader and we would visit colleges and spend nights on the campuses. This program was something that was very helpful so I encourage you to find programs like this at your school. I got to visit University of Missouri-Columbia, University of Missouri-St.Louis, Harris Stowe State University, Park University, University of Central Missouri, Lincoln University, and University Missouri Kansas City.

Next, it was time to prepare for the ACT. In school I was in ACT Prep and that somewhat helped. I scored a 20, not great, but luckily my GPA and grades were good. To me the only struggle of the ACT was the math. It wasn’t hard it was just I forgot how to do easy math because I’ve been in so many advanced math courses. If you decide to do this make sure you don't forget the easy math. I took the test 3 times and got the same score but I applied to schools with my first score. I applied to 4 schools; Bradley University, Park University, Millikin University, William Jewell College, and got accepted into all four.

 When I recieved my Bradley Acceptance letter (pre - haircut lol)

When I recieved my Bradley Acceptance letter (pre - haircut lol)

Come back next week to read how my college journey article ends and my physical college journey begins.