Pt 3 of Ronald's College Journey to Glo Up

We are now at the end of the road and it's time to make a decision. My decision is Bradley University.

What helped me determine my choice was the size of the school and the fact it wasn't far away. I was looking for a mid-size school and a place that was 2-5 hours away. Bradley University was the perfect choice for me. There were other factors but those were the main ones.

From there I went to visit to make sure Bradley was the school for me. I recommend you do the same before making your final decision as well. Once I did all that it was FAFSA time and I sent off my information to two schools Bradley and William Jewell. Even though I was set on Bradley I wanted to have a backup just in case.

It took about five weeks to get my award letter from Bradley, and that was the final Ah Ha moment for me.The next step was to send in my housing deposit($100.00), enrollment fees($200.00), and Orientation dues. I'm so excited to be a Bradley Brave and can't wait for the fall. I hope my College journey experience was helpful for you and remember there is ways to pay for college you just have to get out and get the money.