Ronald’s College Journey to Glo Up

By:Ronald Walter

Finding the right college has been one of the most stressful processes in my life. There are thousands of schools in the world. How will I know which one is right for me? This is part one of a series following my college journey that will last for three weeks.

The first step for me was to know what career path I wanted to go on. I want to be an Art Director, which is someone who works on visuals for magazines, newspapers, product packaging, and movie/television productions.

Next, I decided on what I wanted to major in for college. I plan to have a major in Fine Studio Arts, Photography, or any related major in the field. How I decided on being an Art Director was simple research. One resource I used was the Occupational Outlook Handbook. This website shows you and breaks down everything you need to know about a career. Get yours here!

Once I was sure I wanted to be an Art Director I started to look at colleges in certain areas I wanted to live in. My dream place to go to college in is New York. I picked three schools from New York which include PRATT Institute, New York University, and Fashion Institute of Technology(FIT). But then reality set in. My parents basically told me that New York was too far. I should have stuck with going to New York, but I looked close to home for a backup plan. I took a look at schools in Missouri and Illinois. I used websites like Niche, College Board, Big Future, and the school's website. From all the research, I made a list of 10 colleges I wanted to go to.

My List

  • Millikin University

  • Bradley University

  • Park University

  • William Jewell College

  • Washington University

  • University of Central Missouri

  • Roosevelt University

  • Baker University

  • University of Chicago

  • Ball State University   

Stay tuned for the next part of my journey next Thursday. I will explain what I did with my list and my campus visits.