Why Getting a STEM Degree is Worth the Investment!

By Leonora Dullovi

          Are you stressing over what you want to major in once you go to college?  Whether all those years of going to school will be worth it in the end? Or maybe you feel like you’re making a mistake? Well I’m here to give you the facts and ultimately help you decide on which path is best fit for you to be successful after college!

    If you need a fast track towards getting into the job world with a steady financial pay after graduating college, you should consider going into STEM degrees. If you don’t know, STEM degrees include Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The National Association of Colleges and Employers came up with the top 11 degrees for those earning bachelors and the top 10 degrees for masters and doctorate grads. Turns out that Accounting tops the undergrad list, Computer Science being number one for master’s students, and electrical engineering as well for those who’ve received their doctorates.

    These jobs pay out about 70% more than the national average. Meaning STEM jobs on average earn $65,000 while other majors earn about $15,500 less. According to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, STEM jobs are also expected to grow almost twice as much as other jobs. By 2018, over 1 million job openings will be in the STEM category. People with STEM majors are also more known to be employed and hold only one full-time job, rather than a part-time job or multiple jobs. Better right?

    Are you convinced now?! Well if you’re still on the fence about this, I still suggest looking into specific majors in the STEM spectrum. Or maybe look into other fields and see if they come close to the same type of benefits STEM majors have. At the end of the day you should choose what you love to do and what you’re good at. That way you’ll see even more progress. It doesn’t make sense to go into a field you don’t like, right?