Your List of College Essentials

By Dominique Shields

I know you can’t wait for your first day of college. You have the chance to start from the bottom just one more time, and you want to make sure you got everything you need, because this time, you will be on your own. I’m sure some colleges send out a list of what you need to bring with you, but just in case you forgot, I’ll refresh your memory with the most essential items you CANNOT forget.


  1. Alarm Clock

  2. Full Length Mirror

  3. Hangers

  4. Small Trash Can

  5. Hangers

  6. Under bed Storage (because you won’t have enough room - trust me!)


  1. Mattress Pad

  2. Bed Bug Mattress Cover (can be found here)

  3. Twin Size Sheets and Covers (no, it doesn’t have to be Twin XL)

  4. Throw Blanket (when your roommate won’t turn down the AC)

  5. Pillows

  6. Pillow Cases (for the pillows)

Laundry (Yes, you have to do it yourself)

  1. Laundry Detergent (High Efficiency to be safe)

  2. Fabric Softener

  3. Bleach

  4. Laundry Basket

  5. Lint Brush

  6. Quarters (if you don’t have free laundry on campus)

Desk/School Supplies

  1. Sharpies

  2. Calendar

  3. Sticky Notes

  4. Paper (Print and Lined)

  5. Highlighters

  6. Index Cards (they will save your life)