"Today, I learned how to create viral videos and how to make them spread. Then, our group crafted superheroes out of paper mâché and unleashed them via photos to do good within the world. Finally, I created an infogram detailing how cats will soon rule the world."

"My experience at Maryville University so far is pretty good. The dorm life reminds me of the good times vacationing in tropical hotels of Mexico. So far, I'm studying the basics of photography and learning how to use more advanced cameras. Though the lectures may be boring, I have learned a quite a few tricks in operating the Canon camera."


I’ve learned so much in my photography class at MediaNowSTL. Before I came to this workshop, I didn't even think about ISO levels and shutter levels, I would just snap away. Now I can tell which mode works best for almost every situation where I want to take pictures.