Crunch Time: 5 Summer Activities to do Before Fall Sets in

By Dominique Shields

Fall has officially begun, but the weather hasn’t caught up yet. So for those of you who are looking for the last few things to do to get your last piece of summer, look no further. Here are 5 things to do before the fall season really sets in:

Go Swimming

Swimming is always a must during the summertime. Unfortunately, water parks were closed as early as Labor Day, so what are you going to do? Hotels have indoor swimming pools for their guests to enjoy, so why not have a hotel party and take over the swimming pool? And the best part is hotels also have jacuzzis for those who like to relax in the water. Click here to find some hotels with the best pools!

Have A BBQ

Mmh. The sweet and spicy smell of an open pit on the back porch is just calling your name, isn’t it? Since it seems to be an unspoken rule that you can’t have a barbecue during the cold seasons, why not get your last taste of sweet, meaty heaven in right now? Go ahead and make your way to the nearest market and get to grilling! Check out these money-saving tips to get started!

Visit the Zoo

Remember Harambe? You don’t want to miss out on showing your appreciation and love for the animals, do you? It’s never too late to go to the St. Louis Zoo and get a little closer to your spirit animals, whatever they might be. If you don’t think going to the zoo one more time is worth it, imagine those cold days when you don’t even see a squirrel hanging out in a tree because it’s so cold. Also remember that the St. Louis Zoo is free and the #1 zoo in the U.S.! Don’t worry, I’ll get the keys.

Enjoy a Baseball Game

With the new season comes new sports to watch. But St. Louis is seriously lacking in the major sports category. I suggest you try and catch one of the Cardinals home games. Or if you’re not really a sports person, try going for the view. Have you seen the inside of Busch Stadium while sitting in the high seats? A little scary, but a very nice view of downtown STL. An extra bonus: Tickets are as low as $6 on StubHub!

An Outside Activity

Just want to be outside a little longer? Look for things to do outside. Plan a picnic, read a book in the park, walk or ride your bike to work. There are plenty things you can do outside before the chills of fall start getting to you. If you can’t think of anything, make something up. Get your friends and family together to have a game night in the backyard and enjoy the stars.

Please note that summer is my favorite season, so if you’re thinking about doing anything I suggested, let me know so I can join the fun. I just might take my own advice on this one!