How to Find St. Louis Festivals in a Hurry

By: Kea Green

The summer is finally here! That means lots and lots of fun in the sun like going swimming, going to carnivals, and going to festivals. But, what happens when we run out of things to do for the summer? I’ll tell you what happens, we’re stuck inside the house doing absolutely nothing. So, how do we find festivals in the St. Louis area in a hurry. I’ll tell you how.

Simply just go to Google search and type in Community Calendar. There you will find all sorts of events like shows to Disney’s The Lion King Jr., The Loop Arts Fest 2017, and The Fair St. Louis 2017. Also, if you have any events you would like for people to know about, you can post any events you like on the Community Calendar. This way you can stay up to date on the events in the Lou and never run out of things to do. Click the button below for a list of events in St. Louis.