ConTina May By Myles Bastain

ConTina is a 19 year old student who attends Iowa Western Community College and is majoring architecture and minoring interior design. In five years, she sees herself owning her own architectural firm. Tina contributes her saving skills and interest in journalism to On the Money Magazine. In Tina’s idle hours she enjoys listening to music (preferably rap, hip-hop, R&B), watching comedy and scary movies, and hanging out with friends. Her financial goals don't really differ from anyone else: she would love to be rich. If she were lucky enough to receive a free $50,000, she would first pay off her student loans, buy a car, apartment, give some money to her parents and sister, and save the rest. If provided with the opportunity to travel, it would be her dream to spend her vacation in Milan, Italy. If she could put anyone on the dollar bill, she would like to see Malcolm X on it because he was an influential black leader that is an inspiration to all. Tina hopes to gain a new set of skills that she can use after college from being a part of the On the Money team.