Najee Person on Emil Beckford 

Emil Beckford is a young man off to do great inspiring things. Emil is 18 years old. He attended SLU High School and has lived in St. Louis, Missouri all of his life. Now that he's graduated, he is headed to make an impact on a prestigious school we all are familiar with, Yale University. A lot of Emil’s time in high school was spent on balancing academics and extra-curricular activities. Knowing myself in high school, I could not keep as balanced a schedule but for the gifted Emil, anything is possible. Emil enjoys writing and composing music whenever he is feeling inspired to do so. He is currently forming a band and has 6 six members so far. Talk about a great start! He plans on being the head vocalist of his band when it’s done being formed.

On the other side of fun facts about Emil, his favorite color is blue, like the sky, and with a bright personality like his, I’m not surprised. SLUH's school colors are blue and white as well as Yale's, so I can only imagine how much school spirit Emil showed throughout his years in high school. When asked what he would do with $50,000, Emil said he would buy more music equipment to support his dream. He wants to put out a very polished demo to give to the world. With the rest of the money, he would invest. And while we are on the topic of money, Emil plans on saving his money for college expenses so he will not be in debt when he graduates.

During this summer of working with the On The Money program, Emil plans to improve his people and writing skills, as well as gain real world experiences for the new world of young adulthood he is about to enter. During this summer program, he wants to contribute his energy to video editing. Emil is heavily inspired by Audrey Hepburn, an actor and humanitarian admired for her beauty. When asked whose face would he have on the dollar bill, he nominated her.