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Homecoming Accessorizing On a Budget

Regardless if you like to shop in-store, online, or in your parent's closet, we have found the perfect homecoming finds for you! Check out our tips now to be the best dressed on a budget!

by Dominique Shields



Swipe or Be Swiped: Using Credit the Right Way

A credit card can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Here are the five must do's of using a credit card correctly.

By OTM Staff

5 Affordable Ways to Shop for Homecoming

Yes, the big night is finally close! Homecoming is here and you may have been stressed as you plan for the big night. We understand! Check out what we've created to make your shopping experience easier! 

By Dominique Shields

Homecoming For Little or Nothing

 Homecoming and prom are two of the biggest days for teens. The frustration of knowing what you want to wear, but not having the means to buy what you want can be a problem. Well, we found some sources to ease that frustration! 

By Najee Person