Ronnie Notch Composes an Innovative Future for Teens

by Dominique Shields and OTM Staff

Behind great music, there is great composition. Before Notes For Life A&T, Ronnie had worked with very influential artists such as Katy Perry, Murphy Lee, Tef Poe, Corey Black, and Colin Drew. Ronnie has now elevated from music composition to composing a greater avenue for students in grades 6-12.  Join us as Ronnie enlightened us on the elevation of Notes for Life A&T.

16 Year Old Teen Fights off Bullying and Builds a Business

By OTM Staff

Courtney Jay Harris, 16, decided to bring awareness to bullying and inspire others to stand up and speak out. Courtney has used blogging to share her experience being a bullied student in a  school environment. Check out how this teen turned a not-so-good situation, into an empowering movement!

The Strike of East St. Louis School District 189

By Dominique Shields

Often, the teachers feel like they aren’t as valued as they should be. Very recently, teachers of East St. Louis went on a strike. They wanted a fair and timely paycheck. Instead of working to give teachers better pay, the Illinois State Board of Education were trying to shorten the teachers’ salaries. See how the strike resulted here.

Join Our Virtual College Tour!

By OTM Staff

It can be very difficult choosing what college/university to attend. We decided to ease the process and host our on virtual college tour! Check out our faves and enjoy the tour! We'd love to know which you liked the most, or if there's any colleges/universities that you like that we didn't mention!