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Check out what our high school team created this past summer working with On the Money. Inside, you'll find articles about rap & finance, some of the best free places in St. Louis and why opening a bank account is important.

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Our Guide to Home Startups

Whether its pet sitting, dog walking, babysitting, or selling some of those old clothes in your clothes, we've provided a pathway to starting you own business from home to turn you into a youth business mogul. 

By Malaika Charrington and Emil Beckford

Brandy Butler: The Sound of Business

Imagine a version of a online radio show that you can produce in your home, and start for free! Check out our interview with Brandy as she explains how she profits as an entrepreneur, working from home and tips on how to start your own podcast!

by OTM Staff

4 Ways IKEA-St. Louis Stands Out From Your Favorite Stores

IKEA has arrived in St. Louis, MO! What’s the big deal? IKEA has provided over 300 people with jobs in St. Louis alone! IKEA is helping St. Louis in various ways. Are you eager to see what all IKEA offers?

by OTM Staff