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Correct Compostions

We sat down with Brian Owens of the St. Louis Symphony to talk to him about Life Compositions, a music therapy program that puts students in the studio to record and produce their own songs to help them work through tough times.

By Najee Person and OTM Staff


Free and Cheap DIY Art

We checked out some fun and basically free art projects to help you save money and be creative. 

 By Dominique Shields

Brock Seals

On the Money sat down with independent artist, Brock Seals, to talk about his journey as a successful visual artist and entrepreneur. 

By Najee Person

On the News

Ibra was born with a condition that left him without the use of his legs. When his current wheelchair broke, he turned to the community for help. With a GoFundme campaign, Ibra was able to raise over $25,000!