FAFSA: 5 Tips When Paying for College

By Mohamud Abdi and Tubias Johnson

FAFSA Season is here. Now is the time to make sure you do it, and do it correctly! You don't want to drown in debt. We have provided some very helpful, financial tips just for you.  Read more here!

5 Ways to Start Off 2016 on Track

By Dominique Shields

Plan it right, Be committed, create goals, don't procrastinate, and nothing is too big or small; these are the main tips that you will find in this article! Go into 2016 on the right track! Check out our helpful tips here!


5 Emergencies to Financially Prepare for in 2016

By Jenai Allen

Do you have a car? Have you ever gotten a flat tire or been in a car accident? Not the best feeling or situation to be in. Especially if you have to see the doctor as a result. Outside of drastic situations like that, you may have senior dues to pay! Emergencies like this occur and our advice reinforces why saving for them and just saving in general is necessary. Read more here!

Opportunities for 1st Generation St. Louis College Students

By Emma Iffrig and Ronald Walter

Have you ever wondered about how different it would be not having the money to go to college? As being a St. Louis citizen there is a great opportunity knocking at your door. Are you going to open it? Click on the article to find out more about St. Louis Graduates.  Read more here!