#BlackGirlMagic: How GirlCode Empowers the Girls of Tomorrow

Think about something you’re passionate about doing in life. Now imagine you’re a young girl and everyone is telling you that you can’t do it, it won’t work, or you should try it your way. These are some of the things Keona Blunt, Creator of GirlCode, faced as she built her organization from the bottom up.

“Initially everything was self-funded. I really knew I wanted to do this. I volunteered with similar organizations, and I felt like they were always missing something; they weren’t as dedicated as I feel like I am. They weren’t as passionate.” Keona stated. Already, she knew that if she wanted something done right, she would have to do it on her own. And she did.

To get GirlCode started, Keona put in the work she knew she would have to for the results she wanted. She was able to sacrifice her summer and get two jobs to kick start the funding for her organization as she watched it build. She faced her haters head on, challenging their negative criticism and feedback, because she was passionate about what GirlCode stands for. “It’s like so many people try to discourage you, so many people say ‘No, this is how you should do it’ and you get so many voices you start to lose sight of the vision. You get discouraged, and you’re focusing on trying to make everyone happy.” But Keona believed in herself and in GirlCode and never stopped supporting her organization on her own and going to college at the same time!

Now GirlCode is here! The ‘no boys allowed’ organization opened up their website August 1st, and they are offering two scholarships for female students. For more information about GirlCode and their scholarships, click here.