Creating A Simple Budget You Can Thank Yourself For

By Dominique Shields

Whether you’re preparing for prom, your first car, or those shoes you've been eyeing, the importance of a budget cannot be neglected. We tell you guys all the time that having a budget and saving is important, not just for now but for your future as well. Having a budget will help you anticipate your financial success and responsibilities and teach you so much more. Because I want to help you be financially happy, I’ll help you with creating a simple budget.

To get started, all you need is a pen/pencil and a notebook to keep your records in. When you have that, the information that you’ll have is 1) fixed expenses (costs that stay the same), 2) altering expense (costs that change), 3) budgeted prices (what you plan to spend), 4) actual prices, and 5) the difference between your budgeted and actual costs. Below is an example budget sheet:

Follow that guide with whatever you want to budget your money for and you will soon see what you are great at saving at and some habits you can benefit from changing. You can surprise yourself when you see where your money goes and where you think it should go. But in the end, you're making a good choice for yourself and your future so you can live comfortably.