Financial Tip Friday: Cry Now, Eat Later

By Tubias J.

Budgeting is better than balling and will eventually pay off because…

When it comes to spending money I am what some would call 'cheap.' In fact, I am not cheap I am extremely cheap. I love thrifting, I despise people that buy bottled water, and I am teaching myself how to coupon as we speak. I don’t know what it is, I just love not spending money. Some say it’s wrong, but my Christmas money from 2010 says otherwise.


When my senior year came around it was a living nightmare. Not because of college stress, but because I knew I would have to spend money, a lot of it. Prom, senior trips, graduation, etc. Plus, by senior year at least one of my friends had a car, so I’d be peer pressured into going out in the world and being taken advantage of by this capitalist society.

Luckily, I didn’t fall into peer pressure like my peers. Soon I began to feel sorry for these lost souls that did. Everyday I’d listen to someone’s “Man, I’m broke” stories. So I decided to share my eighteen years of wisdom with my people.

My theory is really simple.

“Cry Now, Eat Later.”

Here’s how it works:

Cry Now:

A wise man once said, “It's beauty in the struggle." I live by those imperative words. There is nothing wrong with struggling at times, it makes you stronger and builds character. Even if you aren’t dirt poor, live like it! Be that person that orders water when you go out to eat (or don’t go at all!). Don’t feel ashamed to go straight to the clearance rack. (Usually the stuff is better than the regular priced stuff anyway). Simply just say no.

You remember that episode of SpongeBob when he attempted to go inside of Sandy’s dome without a water helmet? He waited to get the water helmet until he absolutely needed it. Be that way with your money! Constantly motivate yourself to not spend money. If you need to spend money, don’t! Because as soon as you spend money, you'll need to spend more money. If that makes sense... It gets difficult, but it is only mental.

Eat Later:

This is when it all pays off. From eating peanut butter out the jar, to going in that restaurant and not even thinking ordering a value fry, because you are here to eat! You have saved money, so much money that you now have a chance to humbly splurge.

“Cry Now, Eat Later” has the ability to be used for short term and long term spending. And those who implement this theory have yet to do anything except prosper. Call me what you want, but you cannot call me broke.