How to Start a Business + Be Trendy

By: Kea Green   

We all know the saying, ‘Keeping up with Jones.’ Here at OTM, we are keeping up with the latest trends. Almost every day there’s a new trend that we are likely to go out of our ways to follow. We often get inspired by what our favorite artists or athletes are wearing. We could see Chance the Rapper wearing the latest Nike Air Max or even his own costume made Nike Air Max shoes. We can also catch Odell Beckham rocking the latest Nike athlete apparel. But keeping up with the latest trend comes with a heavy price tag and that’s when we turn to our parents to get the brands we want.

Teen walks into the kitchen where Mom is washing dishes.

Teen: Hey, mom can I have a new Nike outfit for my next practice?
Mom: Why do you need a new outfit for practice, you’re just practicing and besides Nike is way too expensive. Have you considered getting a job?
Teen: A job!?
Mom: Yes, honey a job. It’s where you work and make money, so you can be able to buy your own things. You should really consider getting a job, honey.

We have all had this conversation with our parents before. We would consider the thought of getting a job but not actually getting one. Why should we, when we have parents? We don’t want to give up our freedom. But one of the benefits of working is having our own money and not having to ask mom and dad for everything. You can be up-to-date with the trends and not having to wait for your parents to buy a trend that has already become old.

            But, no, we should really consider getting a job. Okay, I get we don’t like to be told what to do when our parents do that at home, but who said you have to necessarily work for someone else. It’s possible you can become your own boss, buy that Nike apparel outfit, and even make good money like the founders of Nike.

Phil Knight (right) and Bill Bowerman (left) with a net worth of $24.7 billion and $400 million. They created a company in 1964 to market better performing track shoes for athlete that was comfortable. In 1968 the company was named NIKE Inc. (Greek goddess of Victory). In the beginning, they sold their shoes to athletes at track meetings until their company thrived through entrepreneurship and innovation. In the 1980s, NIKE’s advertisement helps to become the company they are today.

5 tips for you to start your own business are:

1.      Passion: Find something you will love to do. Do what you love, because your innovation can leave you in the middle of nowhere with no GPS, if you don’t.

2.      Know Your Target Market: When you are thinking about what you want to market keep in mind what you consumers (your peers) want or need. Also, start off small by doing it locally.

3.      Pricing: You want to make sure it’s an ideal price for your market, if you’re not sure what is the ideal price, then create a survey and choose the suitable price from the survey.

4.      Advertise: Use social media to reach out to your target group just like Phil and Bill.

5.      Find Mentors: Try to find some mentors in your community through networking. Find someone who will be willing to support you and give you advice on the business industry.

So, if you are tired of your parents telling you to get a job and don’t want to work under someone’s rules, these are the steps to get you to be an entrepreneur and the latest trends.

To learn more about Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman and their journey to success go to for more info.