Money Making Monster: How to Make Money This Halloween

By Dominique Shields

Are you one of those people that think Halloween is just another day? Are you not really into the trick-or-treating scene? Would you rather be somewhere making money? Well you’re in luck because you can be making money while everybody else is trying to be scary and rack up on candy. I’ve put together a list of # ways to make money this Halloween.

Grow and Sell Pumpkins

Are you into gardening? Great, because you can grow pumpkins and sell them. Pumpkins are a big deal, not only in October, but in the fall period. People will be busy making jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin pies, and whatever else people use pumpkins for. And when they’re too busy to go all the way to the store, they can just knock on your door and you can watch the money roll in.

Sell Jack-o-Lanterns

So maybe you aren’t into growing things, but you are all for carving something up. Then sell jack-o-lanterns! You can make different types, from subtle to scary, or just ask the customers what they prefer. And you know who would love for you to start this seasonal business? Busy parents. I can see it now; everyone stopping by to let you know what they want and going on and on about how glad they are that someone in the neighborhood decided to do this because they are sooo busy. They might even give you a tip because they’re so grateful! To get started on design ideas, visit here.

Make Halloween Costumes

No one wants to wear the same old store bought costumes and look like everyone else. They want to jazz things up a bit and do something different; be something new. But they don’t have your expertise in costume design or your desire to monetize your time this holiday. Actually, you don’t even need the designer skills. You can make a pretty penny making simple, yet creative costumes. For some ideas, check out this article.

Take children trick-or-treating

I know you think it’s so pointless to go trick-or-treating, but what about the part about making money? Don’t you get it? I’m trying to help you fill your wallet with that green paper. So round up all those little munchkins and take them door to door for their sweet treats while you get a sweet treat of your own. I mean money. The sweet treat is money for you, unless you want your payment to be a piece of cake, just like this mini business. Get it? Just take the kids trick-or-treating.

If these jobs don’t fit something you’re interested in, make up your own job. I’m really here to put the idea in your mind. You can make better use of your time than sulking in the fact that Halloween isn’t a real holiday to you. Get up and get your money mind going,man. There’s money to be made on the darkest night of the year! Don’t forget my 10% cut for giving you the idea!