Financial Tip Friday: 5 Simple Ways to Make Money All Summer '16

By: Kenyae Shelton

There are plenty of ways to enjoy your summer. Most of these options include a cost in order to participate. Aren’t you tired of asking your parents for money? Have you been struggling trying to get money of your own? There are tons of ways for you to make money without applying for a 9 to 5. Here are a few examples:


Kids are out of school, but most parents work year round! Be on the lookout for those parents who may need help with the kids and are willing to pay you. You must be attentive, cautious, and patient with children. You should also be aware of household expectations, so you can act accordingly.

Cutting Grass

This job is not only for males, but highly recommended for young men looking for a way to earn money during the summer. A lot of people would gladly let someone else do the job. All you have to do is ask if they’re willing to pay you.

Walk dogs/Petsitting

This gig is just like babysitting! Some people have pets that they consider “their babies,” and they need to be taken care of as well.  Be on the lookout for people who may need you to pet sit while they are away or busy in exchange for a little cash.


This gig requires skill and patience. Although most students are out of school, some parents want their children to do work during break so they are prepared in the fall. Some students even have summer homework or have ACT coming up. Check to see if any young people need help in areas you can offer assistance.

Sell Things/Entertainment

DO YOU HAVE A CRAFT? SOMETHING YOU ARE GOOD AT MAKING??? SELL IT! You will be surprised at the things people will buy. You could even make money by performing music, drawing, or dancing.

Ask your neighbors what they need help with. Be on the lookout for opportunities to make money without applying for a job. Even small jobs can make a difference. Once the money adds up, you can do what you want to enjoy your summer.