Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving: Top 3 Tips to Save You Money

By Dominique Shields


I know you guys can’t wait for all that good food coming on Thanksgiving; turkey, dressing, macaroni, sweet potatoes, the whole crew. But what about how much that stuff is going to cost? Not only are you buying the food, you have to get all the ingredients that make the food. Add in the fact that the serving size is much bigger with this particular meal, you are looking at a potentially pricey holiday. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be. As you prepare for your Thanksgiving, whether it be with family or friends, take these tips with you as you go:


Buy food now!

Thanksgiving is literally right around the corner, so instead of trying to get everything you need from the stores in the same week, go now, like right now. Thanksgiving is next week, so you should get your keys and get to those stores. I bet the staff is already cutting out the sale labels right now to raise prices on the last minute shoppers. Don’t be one of them.

B.Y.O.F. (Bring Your Own Food)

Why should you and your parents be the only ones making all the food and spending all the money? If you make your holiday feast a potluck, all you have to worry about, at the most, is decorations and your single dish. Even if you don’t want to do a full on potluck, just say yes if a guest offers to contribute. Regardless, this is not only saving you money, but time. Now you can focus on getting those hand turkeys just right with your younger siblings.

Decorate for the low

Speaking of hand turkeys, that isn’t the only affordable way to decorate your home. If you are having trouble with ideas, or places to go, your nearest dollar store, park, or backyard (your own!) have some great items you can use to give your home the natural autumn look for Thanksgiving. So grab that bag of leaves you had to rack up and let the creativity flow. For some ideas, visit here.

I’m sure you were focused on that cheesy macaroni and a few things I’ve mentioned slipped your mind. But I’m always here to let you know I got your back. Save yourself a few coins and take my advice. Or if you have some advice of your own, feel free to comment below!