The Affordable Airfordable: How Flying Just Got Easier

By Dominique Shields

Have you ever planned a trip and missed a good deal because you didn’t have all of the funds for your plane ticket? Then you honestly need to know about Airfordable. Created by Ama Marfo, Airfordable’s goal is to help travelers fly to their destinations more affordably, hence the name. It’s super simple and great for you when prices go up after you’ve booked your flight. Here’s how the process looks:


Let’s plan a summer trip to Los Angeles next year. The first thing to do is look up the flights to get our prices.

We’re going to focus on a departure ticket for now. The best option price is $364. Don’t have that much secure right now? Need to know what you might be looking at in a payment plan? Airfordable has a calculator for you to get a glimpse of your payment plan. It asks for the date of your entire trip and the total price of your ticket, including taxes. It will then show you the price for your deposit and your biweekly payments. Here’s the one for our trip:

At this point, we can see it will cost us about $50 every two weeks to pay off our tickets for our trip. And if you look closely at the dates, we will still have enough time to continue saving for the trip itself.

If you have any questions, check out the FAQ’s page. Or if you’re ready to do some traveling, let’s get planning!