Financial Tip Friday: Track Your Expenses

By: Latahjia Robinson  

Have you ever thought about what you’re spending all your money on? Trying to figure out which products are breaking your bank? There is only one option for you and that is an Expense Tracker. Why is an Expense Tracker easy and convenient for everyone? It’s the first step  to help you save or to stop certain habits you’ve noticed.

An expense tracker is basically a way to see what you would usually spend your money on. There are so many people who spend so recklessly on things that they can live without just because they desire to have them. If they would just have an expense tracker and see what they’re costing themselves, it would help eliminate their bad spending habits. Then you would know what it is that’s aiding you in losing your money quickly. You might see things like take out, snacks, and places such as movies or the mall.

Some people would go the old fashioned way with using a expense tracker that you would  write on, but a tip to know is to keep up with receipts and put those on the tracker as well. The generation today is always on their electronics so they might as well have a mobile app that tracks their expenses since there is online shopping too. With doing an online expense tracker there should be a way to automatically put the item, and how much it costs into to the expense tracker for those people who tend to forget.  

Hopefully this has opened your mind to tracking your expenses and spending wisely!