Get Bands From Brands

By Jenai Allen and Tubias Johnson

Of ALL the trials and tribulations we experience, one of the hardest things for high school students may be attempting to be a dual student. Not the type that involves earning college credit. I’m not talking about the type that involves earning college credit. I’m talking straight out of class, to the break room so you can change into your uniform before you clock in dual student. Everyone has their reason for doing it, but a usual explanation is, ‘‘So I can have some money for college, duh.” But riddle me this: Why don’t companies offer employees academic benefits rather than only discounts on merchandise? Guess what...Some do!


Though McDonald’s gets a bad rep for their product, they are very passionate about education. The company even offers a tuition program. If you work there for a year as a part time or full time employee they provide for eligible courses that relate to your job function in the future. The Ronald McDonald House Charity offers scholarships to students in financial need who have showed great character and academic excellence. Over $56 million in scholarships have been awarded since 1985.



Walgreens has a pharmacy program for workers who want to be a pharmaceutical scientist. They will let you get involved with the internship program for their pharmacy. Walgreens gives scholarships to high school senior employees.



Target also offers internships and their own reimbursement program. While working, for Target, the company pays for any job related courses. LifeResources provide team members ‘‘life resources’’ such as help counseling for school.

Even if you are employed you can still ask your manager about some of these programs and great opportunities. For students that need a job and a way to pay for college you can apply to some of these jobs that we have listed for you. They have a lot of great programs to help you with college. For those who cannot apply to we gave to you, we have more. We also looked up Walmart, KFC, Aeropostale, GAP and Starbucks. Now there is no excuse to not put your best into your school work and your job because your jobs can help with both.